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01. Where is my tie? It was here a minute ago, and now it's [disappeared]!
02. Police are investigating the [disappearance] of a local man believed to be involved in drug dealing.
03. He tried to convince his teacher he had done all the homework, but that somehow it had magically [disappeared].
04. The [disappearance] of a local businessman has resulted in a murder investigation.
05. The airplane [disappeared] into the clouds.
06. The cat [disappeared] entirely, except for its grin, which hung in the air above Alice.
07. The [disappearance] of whales from the coast is blamed on pollution from local sawmills.
08. The children stared in wonder when the magician made the rabbit [disappear].
09. The cookies [disappeared] as soon as I put them on the table.
10. A number of ships and planes are reported to have mysteriously [disappeared] after entering the area known as the Bermuda Triangle.
11. My daughter and her boyfriend were here somewhere but they seem to have [disappeared].
12. The Zeravshan River flows through Tajikistan and Uzbekistan before [disappearing] in the desert north of ChÙ†rjew.
13. As soon as he put on the magic ring, Bilbo the hobbit [disappeared].
14. John Lennon sang, "Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it [disappear]."
15. There is a French proverb which states that where wine appears, the doctor [disappears].
16. There is a German proverb which states that if you fail to practice your art, it will soon [disappear].
17. Panda habitat in China is continuing to [disappear] as settlers push higher up the mountain slopes.{</charset>}

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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